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Varme Cable Mats : Electric Underfloor Heating System

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Electric floor heating is ideal for Kitchens, Bathrooms or conservatories. The product has relitivley low build up and can easily be incorporated within the tile grout.

The Varme Mat system is similar to the Varme Cable system. The electric underfloor heating mat has the cable taped to a 50 cm wide fibreglass mesh. This makes installation much faster as the mats can be rolled out and positioned.

There are two version of the Varme Mat available, a 150w/m2 system which is great for all internal rooms or a 200w/m2 system for areas of high heat loss and conservatories. Installation is simple. You start by rolling the mat out onto the existing sub-floor or insulation boards. When the opposite wall is reached the mesh is cut and rolled in the opposite direction. Cable can also be removed from the mesh in areas where the mesh would be difficult to install. Once the mat it positioned correctly you can remove the tape backing paper and secure in place.

The Varme 150w/m2 and 200w/m2 mats will give approx. 130w/m2 and 170w/m2, respectively, per sqm at 85% room coverage.

Floor Coverings
The system is designed to heat tiles, stone or marble flooring. It can also be used to heat vinyl, laminate and thin carpets but the cables must be first covered with a suitable latex levelling compound. See installation manual for more details.

All electrical connection must be made in compliance with Building Regulation Part P and current wiring regulations

Product Details
Product Code - Output Total /Mat Length /Max Coverage (m2)
All mats are 500mm in width:

TPSM0150 - 150w / 2m / 1.0m2
TPSM0225 - 225w / 3m / 1.5m2
TPSM0300 - 300w / 4m / 2.0m2
TPSM0375 - 375w / 5m / 2.5m2
TPSM0450 - 450w / 6m / 3.0m2
TPSM0600 - 600w / 8m / 4.0m2
TPSM0750 - 750w / 10m / 5.0m2
TPSM0900 - 900w / 12m / 6.0m2
TPSM1050 - 1050w / 14m / 7.0m2
TPSM1200 - 1200w / 16m / 8.0m2
TPSM1350 - 1350w / 18m / 9.0m2
TPSM1500 - 1500w / 20m / 10.0m2
TPSM1650 - 1650w / 22m / 11.0m2
TPSM1800 - 1800w / 24m / 12.0m2
TPSM1950 - 1950w / 14m + 12m / 13.0m2
TPSM2100 - 2100w / 14m + 14m / 14.0m2
TPSM2250 - 2250w / 14m + 16m / 15.0m2
TPSM2400 - 2400w / 16m + 16m / 16.0m2
TPSM2550 - 2550w / 16m + 18m / 17.0m2
TPSM2700 - 2700w / 18m + 18m / 18.0m2
TPSM2850 - 2850w / 22m + 16m / 19.0m2
TPSM3000 - 3000w / 24m + 16m / 20.0m2
TPSM3150 - 3150w / 24m + 18m / 21.0m2
TPSM3300 - 3300w / 22m + 22m / 22.0m2
TPSM3450 - 3450w / 22m + 24m / 23.0m2
Manufacturer Varme
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Kit Includes Each pack includes
Heating cable supplied woven to a self adhesive mesh
Fully programmable FH-01 thermostat controller with floor probe
Floor primer
Roller for primer
Simple installation instructions
Manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

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