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Cellecta HiDeck - Screed Replacement Panel

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Cellecta’s HiDECK 18 high-density floor is the ideal product for a multitude of flooring applications, particularly Underfloor Heating.
HiDECK18 has rapid heat transfer characteristics due to its low thermal resistance and therefore is an ideal application for underfloor heating. The HiDeck board is particularly useful for low temperature underfloor heating applications as a replacement for chipboard flooring.

The boards feature a tongue and groove edge detail (no screws) and benefit from high impact resistance.

Key features of HiDECK 18
Low thermal resistance (0.045/m2/kW) – Less energy wasted heating the floor
High thermal conductivity (0.40W/mK) – Heat spreads evenly across the entire floor
Low thermal expansion
Only 18mm thick
Doesn’t contract or expand like chipboard when exposed to water
High impact resistance
Tongue and groove edge detail – no screws required
Quick and easy to install
Accepts ceramic tiles

For a robust low profile overlay Underfloor heating option, Heat Direct can supply the HiDeck boards routed with a groove to take a 12mm Underfloor heating pipe. The board are routed out at 150 centres and have a "return channel" at each end

It is good practice to use a levelling compound over the pipes and grooves to ensure good thermal contact with the floor finish. It is particularly important to use a levelling compound when using carpets as the carpet may sink into the routing pattern over time.

The boards are supplied in pallet and half pallet quantities (60 or 30 panels), each panel is 1200mm x 600mm. Pallets total m2 = 43.2m2, half pallet total = 21.6m2.
Remember to consider wastage when ordering, also consider that the pipe routing may increase wastage due to having to make certain cuts to the panel to allow for pipe routes within the room.

For most residential projects quantities up to and including 250m2 will be achievable within the pallet or half pallet pricing. For large quantities we may be able arrange special delivery rates, please email your requirements to sales@heatdirect.co.uk

The Screedbaord fixing tool kit is specially made to assist in the correct installation of Screedboard and HiDeck products. The laying batten and fixing bar help to ensure a seamless and robust installation.
The boards need to be glued together to ensure correct installation. Each 1L bottle will provide a quantity suitable for approximately 30m2 of boards. This quantity is approximate and will be greatly influenced by how much is applied per joint. You should make your own assessment on required quantity.
Manufacturer Cellecta
Delivery Estimate 3-5 Days - From Manufacturer
Kit Includes Choice of:
60 Standard Panels HiDeck
60 Panels HiDeck Grooved @ 150mm
30 Standard Panels HiDeck
30 Panels HiDeck Grooved @ 150mm
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