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Single Zone UFH Pack For Screed Floors #1

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1 x 2 Port FMU3 c/w Standard BV   +£346.38
2 x EM Mono MLCP 16x2   +£4.08
2 x Emmeti Manifold Port Blanking Cap   +£2.46
1 x 100m Coil Multilayer Pipe (16x2)   +£73.78
1 x Emmeti CS11/7 230V   +£36.12
1 x Emmeti 230v Actuator 4Wire NC   +£14.96
1 x Pk300 57mm SH Tacker Gun Staples   +£13.70

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Comprehensive single zone, single used port underfloor heating pack from Heat Direct. Comprimising of Emmeti underfloor equipment our packs come with the assurance of quality and reliable components.

This #1 pack comes complete with 100m of multilayer underfloor heating pipe, two port FMU3, staples, a 4 wire and a two wire actuator. A programmable room thermostat is also included which features time and temperature control for the underfloor heating zone. As the FMU3 manifold is only available as 2-12 port, 2 blanking plugs are supplied to cap off the unused port.

The 4 wire actuator can be used as switching for the boiler and pump or you can disregard the additional microswitch cables and use a additional two port zone valve for boiler/pump enable, which ever you or your electrician would prefer.

We also offer packs with 200m and 300m of pipe depending on the Underfloor Heating design requirements. Larger system can be purchased using the Underfloor Heatign Quick Pack for Screed Floors.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Kit Includes 2 Port Emmeti FMU3 Manifold
Isolation Valves
Blanking plugs for unused port
Pipe Connections
100m Multilayer Underfloor Heating PIpe
Pack of 57mm Staples
4 Wire Actuator
Digital Programmable Room Thermostat
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