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Edge Insulation / Insulating Perimeter Strip

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Edge insulation strip is essential for any underfloor heating system. Designed for use with solid/screed floors but can also be used on other floor types where a thermal break or expansion zone is required. The edging strip (also known as perimeter strip) acts as a thermal bridge (preventing moisture crossing over) to reduce heat loss and noise, once the screed has set. It also accommodates some expansion of the screed slab. The perimeter strip is pre notched, allowing easy trimming using the pre scored tear off strips.

Edge insulation should be installed to at least the full depth of the insulation and screed.
Edge Insulation
Edging strip is manufactured from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), 8mm thick, available in 130mm or 150mm in height, 5 scores per 25m roll and includes Polythene overlap. The product is blue in colour.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days
Kit Includes 25m Roll of Edge insulation.

Choose from;
Edge Strip 150m U9282010
Edge Strip with Overlap 150mm U9282020
Edge Strip c/w Overlap and Adhesive 150mm U9282030
Edge Strip 130m U9282040
Edge Strip with Overlap 130mm U9282050
Edge Strip c/w Overlap and Adhesive 130mm U9282060
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