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Screed Eco UFH Quick Pack

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Heat Direct Underfloor Heating Eco Quick Pack for Screed Floors, this pack is particularly suited for Heat Pump fed systems or for systems where water temperature control and circulation is managed before the manifold.
This Quick Pack is designed for regular installers

For those installers who have designed a system and know exactly what they need our Quick Pack makes life simple. Just select the manifold size, pipe quantity (other coil sizes are available separately) and fixings. Add the pack to your portfolio or make a quick order straight to site.
This pack can be used as a single system purchase or as a stock selector.

The Emmeti T2+ Manifold offers per port distribution for your underfloor heating system, as the Eco pack does not include blending the system will not automatically reduce the flow temperatures at the manifold. As the manifold does not offer any protection to water temperature control this pack is not suitable for use with boilers unless a weather compensation with a high limit setting is used. Excessive heat and lack of control can damage floors, pipework and floor coverings.

Remember, if you are registered and verified you will see the prices at the discounted rate.

This pack includes Emmeti Underfloor Heating products, programmable, digital, dial or app controlled thermostats and system controls are available as separate Quick Packs.

How to Select Your Pack
Using your Underfloor Heating design or your own calculation simply select the correct manifold size, number of pipe coils and preferred fixings.
Manifolds within the pack include pipe connections and straight isolation valves.
Pipe is available as MLCP and PEX-a - both in 16mm options.
Clip Rails/Clamp Track is sold per 10 meter pack (rails are 1m in length each)
Staples are sold per box
Edge insulation per 25m roll

Simply add your quantities in and click add to basket, if you have more than one manifold you can simply repeat the process.

Emmeti UK
Manufactured by Emmeti, specialists in the art of pipe manufacturing, Emmeti is the perfect choice for underfloor heating, plumbing components, and controls.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Kit Includes Choice of
Emmeti T2 Plu Manifolds
Emmeti 16mm Underfloor Heating Pipe
Clip Rail
Edge Insulation
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