Secure Shopping with Heat Direct


Secure Payments with Stripe
Our online payment provider is Stripe ( who are one of the largest and well-known payment processors. Operating in 120 Countries with millions of customers, Strip offers us high levels of payment security, fraud protection and overall trust with our customer base. As an e-commerce business, we have and will continue to be subject to thorough tests and assessments.

Heat Direct Security Culture
All payment information is processed via Worldpay, Heat Direct do not hold or have access to any secure payment information. Worldpay are compliant to the PCI DSS standards – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.
We have set ourselves high standards relating to the ecommerce platform, development partners, servers, security, in house policy and persons. Our partners are of equally high standards.
Our site is protected by an advanced WAF (Web Application Firewall) and DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). This system identifies unusual activity from site visitors or bots and prevents access. This system also only alows one way traffic - data can not be extracted from the site should a malicious attack be present. 
We also have a SECURE+ policy internally, this involves human checks on our site functions, records and other data - This policy is an extra over preventative measure. This policy also includes reviews and planning steps - we want to ensure that we area one step ahead of cyber criminals.

When browsing our site, take assurance that your session is in a secure encrypted environment, the web address should always begin https:// and/or you will see the locked padlock symbol alongside your browsers website address bar.
We want you to know that we have a secure site, with extra security measures in place; If you have any concerns about placing an order online please speak to us and we can guide you through other measures.Be assured, web site security and payment security is of the highest importance to Heat Direct.