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Pump House

Pump House products delivered direct to site from Heat Direct. Ranging from boiler and heat pump accessories to pipe clips, Pump House has the solution for your project.

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Pump House Products from Heat Direct

Heat Direct are proud to offer a range of Building Services products from Pump House A DiversiTech company. Pump House are a reputable supplier of Boiler and Renewable accessories such as condensate insulation and pumps, flexi feet and support systems for plant equipment. We list a range of relavant products on our site but we are happy to quote for the supply of materials from a Pump House quotation. Please contact us for more information.


Pump House ASHP GuardPump House Base FramePump House PRV SurePump House Wooden Condensate Guard

Condensate Guards (matal and wooden) Condensate Stands, Raised Supports
Condensate Pumps, Pipe Insulation, Fixings, PIpe Clamps, Pipe Clips
Maintenance Fluids, Tools, Boiler Accessories

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1 - 12 of 29