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3/4" Hot & Cold Quick Pack 16mm PressFit

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Plumbing Manifolds make kitchen and bathroom plumbing easy and has a number of benefits. This range of WRAS approved nickel plated brass manifolds have a 3/4” inlet size and are available in 2, 3 and 4 ports per manifold. Where more than 4 ports are required a bridging piece and be used to join manifold together.
Plumbing manifolds eliminate the need for hotworks during installation, this application is very popular with residential schemes, the hotel and leisure industry and increasingly residential developments and self builds. This application offers a reduction in the number of connections in pipework feeds (elbows/tees), commonly known as point-to-point plumbing.

The Emmeti Multiplex Manifold provides you with individual isolation of the outlets, this is particularly useful during first fix where a single tap or just the WC feed is required. For the homeowner, a shower can be isolated during replacement or outside taps drained during winter months to reduce the risk of freezing.

Red and blue labels that are included with the manifolds can be marked to identify which room or application the port is supplying.

Brackets and Slider Rails are used to mount the manifold to the wall, the slider rails are supplied in 200mm or 400mm to suit the manifold size (see download for details). The 400mm rails can be snapped in two by hand to give you 2 x 200mm rails. The brackets are sold in packs of 10.

This quick pack from Heat Direct comes complete with options of Emmeti Multi Layer Composit Pipe (MLCP) WRAS approved GERPEX coils, all 16mm diameter. MLCP Press Fit connections are included with the manifold price.

Gerpex Multi-Layer Composite Pipe offers all the advantages of plastic and metal pipes combined with superb value for money and peace of mind. The Emmeti Gerpex pipe range can be used in a wide range of applications including primary pipework, sanitary systems, radiator, underfloor heating, chilled water and compressed air.
Options for the pack include sleeved or unsleeved options, the sleeving can be red or blue to indicate hot or cold feeds.

We have made the selecting this 3/4” Hot & Cold Quick Pack Plumbing Manifold tool nice and easy;

Select the number of each manifold size you required, i.e. 2 x 2 ports, 5 x 3 ports and 2 x 4 ports.
Select the number of bridging pieces if you intend to join manifolds together
Select the number of 16mm x 1/2"Male connection (to connect to flexi for example) Other connections available in the press fit section.
If you require pipe select the volume and type
Now choose the number of slider rails and packs of brackets that you require. 2 brackets per manifold keep it sturdy.

Now add the pack to your basket or save it to a project.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Manifold Ports Various
Inlet Size 3/4"
Take Offs 24x19
Kit Includes Choice of
2,3 and 4 Port Multiplex Manifolds
Complete with 16x2 Press Fit pipe connection and a blanking plug
Options of blue or red sleeved pipe
MLCP pipe to 1/2" Male BSP Connections
Bridging piece to join manifolds
Mounting brackets
Slider Rails (to secure mounting brackets to the wall
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