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Emmeti Gerpex Press Fitting Reducing Tee

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Emmeti GERPEX press fitting, Reducing Tee16-75mm.

A range of WRAS approved, brass bodied, reducing tee press fittings for use with Emmeti Gerpex multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP). Connections can be pressed using a REMS TH profile Jaw (available in our press fit tooling section) can press the complete range; mini press 16mm-40mm or Akku press 16mm-75mm. Other jaw profiles are only compatible with the sizes below;

Pressing profile and jaw dimensions that can be used with GERPEX fittings:
TH = All sizes
B = 16,20,26,32mm
U = 16,20mm
H = 16,20mm
F = 16,20mm

Gerpex Press Fittings are specially designed as a simple, clean and more efficient alternative to traditional joining methods such as soldered copper and threaded stainless fittings. Commercial plumbing applications are particularly suited, as these connections do not require any hot works. With a comprehensive press of each fitting, the overall robust system will give more confidence to the installer, developer and end user than push fittings.

The connection contains a brass body, double o-ring, and dielectric ring; combined with a sight hole and jaw alignment collar connections can be pressed correctly every single time.

WRAS Certificate number 1404093

Emmeti UK
Manufactured by Emmeti, specialists in the art of pipe manufacturing, Emmeti is the perfect choice for underfloor heating, plumbing components, and controls.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Kit Includes Choice of:
28101396 16mm x 16mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101382 20mm x 16mm x 16mm (PK5)
28101372 20mm x 20mm x 16mm (PK5)
28101385 20mm x 16mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101398 20mm x 20mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101503 20mm x 20mm x 32mm (PK5)
28101386 26mm x 20mm x 16mm (PK5)
28101376 26mm x 26mm x 16mm (PK5)
28101388 26mm x 16mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101390 26mm x 20mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101379 26mm x 26mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101391 26mm x 16mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101392 26mm x 20mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101499 26mm x 26mm x 32mm (PK5)
28101497 32mm x 32mm x 16mm (PK5)
28101501 32mm x 20mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101508 32mm x 26mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101502 32mm x 32mm x 20mm (PK5)
28101495 32mm x 20mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101509 32mm x 26mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101506 32mm x 32mm x 26mm (PK5)
28101493 32mm x 16mm x 32mm (PK5)
28101504 32mm x 20mm x 32mm (PK5)
28101507 32mm x 26mm x 32mm (PK5)
28115518 40mm x 32mm x 26mm (ea)
28115514 40mm x 40mm x 26mm (ea)
28115516 40mm x 32mm x 32mm (ea)
28115300 40mm x 40mm x 32mm (ea)
28115520 40mm x 32mm x 40mm (ea)
28115522 50mm x 50mm x 26mm (ea)
28115320 50mm x 50mm x 32mm (ea)
28115524 50mm x 40mm x 40mm (ea)
28115310 50mm x 50mm x 40mm (ea)
28115526 50mm x 32mm x 50mm (ea)
28115528 50mm x 40mm x 50mm (ea)
28115330 63mm x 63mm x 50mm (ea)
28115546 75mm x 75mm x 40mm (ea)
28115548 75mm x 75mm x 50mm (ea)
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