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Kanmor 264e Multi Boiler Control

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The Kanmore 264e Controller is a four Boiler sequence unit, with lead-lag rotation, weather compensator and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) control. Unit supplied complete with outdoor and boiler flow and return sensors.

The Kanmor Boiler Controller 264e can control the supply water temperature from up to 4 on / off stages based on outdoor temperature, control for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) generation, or a setpoint requirement. A large easy to read display provides current system temperatures, current operating status. The control has outputs for a primary pump and either a combustion air damper or alarm.

The Kamore 264e had a range of mode settings which enable simple control of a range of different combinations of boiler stages and boiler pumps.
Control Functions of the Boiler Control 264
Please refer to Essay E 005 from the manufacturers for further details

Outdoor Reset
Characterized Heating Curve
Water Temperature Setback
Warm Weather Shut Down
Boiler Outdoor Reset
Boiler Differential (Automatic)
Boiler Minimum Supply
Boiler Post Purge
DHW Boiler Reset Override
DHW Condensing Boiler
DHW External Demand
DHW Post Purge
DHW Priority
DHW Setback
PID Staging
Equal Run Time Rotation
Lo / Hi Fire Boiler Rotation
Fixed Lead
Fixed Last
Fire Delay
Boiler Mass
Setpoint Boiler Reset Override
Setpoint Priority
Manufacturer Kanmor
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Kit Includes 1 x Kanmor 264e Control Unit
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