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Emmeti FMU3 Manifold Set

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Emmeti Pre Assembled 1” FMU3 Heating Manifold and Floor Mixing Set selection tool from Heat Direct. Simply configure your own manifold by selecting the required isolation valves, ports and pipe connectors. A superb alternative to a frustrating search through hundreds of products.

The Emmeti FMU3 manifold and control group has been manufactured for use with underfloor heating and other central heating systems. The manifold is factory tested to 10BAR and includes a thermostatic mixing valve with sensor, high efficiency circulating pump, temperature gauge, integral automatic air vent and non-return valve for simplified system filling.

Available in 2-12 ports with double regulating flowmeters and lockshield valves fitted to the flow bar. The return bar includes seating for actuator heads. The mixing valve assembly is designed to supply a set mixed temperature between 20˚C and 65˚C which will suit a wide range of applications.

As an upgrade from its predecessor (The Emmeti FMU2 Floor Mixing Manifold) this model comes complete with a Grundfos UPM3 Auto pump with a 7m head. The Pump is ErP 2015 compliant and has 3 control modes and a double de-blocking system.

This pump set is one of the very few available in the UK that complies with the building regulation requirements for initial heating of screed floors.

The manifolds can be used as a multiple zone heating systems or as a single room heating system via a 4 wire actuator (for example).

Max temperature on primary circuit = 90˚C
Max operating pressure = 10BAR
Primary operating Pressure = 1BAR
Temperature range adjustment, mixed water =20˚C-65˚C
Heating Output = Dt 10˚C, DP available at 0.25BAR
Thermostatic Regulation = 10Kw flow increase valve position 0
Thermostatic Regulation =12.5kW flow increase valve position 5 with circulator set to max
Electronic Regulation = 11.5kW
Mixing Valve pressure drops = Kv3
Pressure drop with open bypass valve = Kvmax 4.8
Temperature Gauge range = 0˚C – 80C
Manifold Connection = 24x19, Take offs @ 50mm CC
Circulator Pump Connectors = 1 ½” BSP

The Emmeti FMU3 manifold is suitable for use with low-temperature systems. Whilst the assembly includes a mixing point the temperature control can be set to low. Unlike many mixing sets that require a water temperature of at least 15˚C higher than the set point, the FMU3 will blend to a minimal point. Using an FMU3 manifold with these systems avoids flow rate issues across the manifold. Poor circulation is a common problem when using multiple manifolds and a single primary heating circulation pump.

Emmeti UK
Manufactured by Emmeti, specialists in the art of pipe manufacturing, Emmeti is the perfect choice for underfloor heating, plumbing components, and controls.
Manufacturer Emmeti
Delivery Estimate 1-3 Days - from Manufacturer
Inlet Size 1"
Take Offs 24x19
Kit Includes FMU3 Manifold complete with Pump Set
Drain & Fill Valves
Auto Air Vents

Choose From
28132460 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 2 Port
28132462 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 3 Port
28132464 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 4 Port
28132466 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 5 Port
28132468 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 6 Port
28132470 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 7 Port
28132472 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 8 Port
28132474 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 9 Port
28132476 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 10 Port
28132478 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 11 Port
28132480 - FMU3 Heating Manifold 12 Port
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