Circoflo-Pro - 13.2mm TileDeck PLUS panel - 10 pcs - 20x600x400


The TileDeck Plus panel design combines the 17mm XPS insulation panel with a 1.5mm scrim reinforced cementitious to top and bottom, making for easier installation easier and giving an excellent heat output.

When it comes to installing TileDeck Plus, the lightweight and manoeuvrable panels can be cut to size quickly and the 13.2mm pipe fix easily within the pre-perforated channels. The panels are also universal and multi-directional, meaning no separate loops and straights need to be laid.
Along with being lightweight, TileDeck Plus also provides an extremely strong support for the tiled floor covering. At 250kPa, the panels prevent the floor from sagging over time and protect the system from being damaged during installation.

The insulating panel helps to prevent downward heat losses whilst the cementitious layer helps to provide a firm base for direct application of tiles, all giving the system a high heat output.

• The TileDeck Plus system provides a quick, flexible and simple method of installing underfloor heating onto an existing structural timber or solid subfloor.
• Insulation helps prevent excess heat loss to the subfloor.
• Ultra low build up at only 20mm.
• Perfect for direct application of a tiled floor finish.

Product: 20mm cement faced XPS insulation
Compressive Strength: 250kPa
Thermal Conductivity: 0.035W/mK
Panel Dimensions: 600mm x 400mm x 20mm
Pipe: 13.2mm PE-RT
Pipe Centres: 133mm

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