About Us

Our digital platform brings you live pricing, a resource to instantly quote for projects, and a specialist, modern plumbing product range. Our store is ideal for mobile, tablet, laptop or PC shopping, which ever suits you. A truly convenient, “Merchant in your pocket” We connect you with the industry’s leading products and deliver straight to your site, office or home.
Our core products are modern heating, plumbing and control products. We specialise in manifold systems and individual zone thermostatic control. Around our core sit relevant ancillary components, water storage systems, install accessories and peripherals. The veins and the brains of your plumbing and heating system.
We take the manufacturers products and look at how these are being installed, we research the variations and look at the possibilities. We then build the products into our system so that you can choose what works for you and your project. Where a product has configurable options on fittings, inlet size, you know that all the products selected will integrate.
Many products are available in a format dictated by traditional suppliers, changing from the norm is problematic. Other outlets just hand over a catalogue with thousands of products and ask you to tell them what you want. Our approach gives you freedom to me your own selections, many of our products are configurable so selections that work are pre-loaded. You don’t need to know the manufacturer product range inside out. Our carefully selected manufacturers produce quality products, products with longstanding industry presence. If we include it in our selections, we are confident in the product.
Behind the digital platform stand individuals who have vast experience in Plumbing & Heating Industry, industry figures and product enthusiasts. Our team also has a passion for digital marketing, these two fundamentals have driven Heat Direct to become a leading choice for the plumbing, heating and construction trade. The business operation covers three sites, one in the North West, one on the South coast and the central operations via our East Midlands hub. Our distribution partners are based in a further five locations, each with its own tried and tested logistical network.